List Of Members Of The Executive Body

Sr. No. Name Position
1. Ch. Satbir Singh Kadian President
2. Sh. Jai Parkash Kadian Vice-President
3. Sh. Labh Singh Kadian Gen. Secretary
4. Sh. Devi Singh Treasurer
5. Sh. Ishwar Singh Member
6. Sh. Balbir Singh Member
7. Sh. Mahender Jaglan Member
8. Sh. Nirmal Singh Member
9. Sh. Chandgi Ram Member
10. Sh. Randeep Singh Member
11. Sh. Bijender Singh Member
12. Sh. Rohtash Singh Member
13. Sh. Satbir Sharma Member
14. Sh. Sudarshan Chugh Member
15. Sh. Ravinder Singh Member
16. Dr. S.S. BOORA (University Nominee)
17. Sh. K.S. Dhillon Ex-Office Member Secretary
18. Dr. Suman Lata Teacher Representative
19. Sh. Jasmer Singh Non – Teaching Representative

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