K. S. Dhillon

Message From Principle Desk

A Mere Degree is Not of Much Avail

It is a matter of pleasure that you have passed your examination and are seeking admission in the next higher class in this college. I extend my congratulations to you on this occasion.

A glance at the honours’ board of the college will show you the names of those students who have earned top positions in the university examinations in the past years. I wish to suggest that your name can also be put on this board if you also work and study in a diligent manner. In this endeavour, your teachers will always be by your side because the teacher-student relationship in this college is very healthy and cordial.

But a college is not only a place for earning a degree. Amere degree will not be of much avail in your life. The college education enables you to develop your entire personality. You can build up a harmonious personality if you take part in the cultural activities which are held round the year in the college.

The performance of our students in sports has also been excellent in the past years. Many of them have played at the university, state or national level creditably. If you emulate their ideals, you can also perform like them. But you should decide your game and pursue it energetically under the guidance of your teachers.

May your stay in this college be peaceful and fruitful in every way.

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